Monday, March 24, 2008

these heads aint ready for the shit we got.........

im running blanks.

my mind is running at a thousand miles per hour and i cant catch one thought.

ive been sorta down lately with all the bullshit around us.

everything is open for everyones taking and no one sees opportunity crackin' that door open.

once i finish this album, i plan on putting a marketing blitz that will be completely original and dope and FUN.

i'd love to share my ideas but i'll keep 'em fresh at the moment.

but cats gotta be realistic. this music industry just isnt the same. everything we learned in the 20th century has to be re-written.

people dont wanna go to shows anymore without knowing its worth it. people dont buy CD's anymore. people dont wanna carry the same posters/stickers/merch as EVERY other fucking artist.

plus these cats think of the business as straight negative. like EVERYTHING ELSE IN LIFE, there are pros and cons to everything. if you HAVE to do the business on your own, find ways to make it enjoyable so that way its somewhat fulfilling. we all hate the business side of things but they dont have to be completely ignored.

ive got plans for you guys......just good NEW original shit.

im hoping ill get a hang of this marketing game.

we'll see. hopfully i wont disappoint ya'll.


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