Friday, March 21, 2008

and when the clock strikes midnight......we'll ALL be dead.


So this is gonna be where i runaway from the pretentious shit i'm constantly surrounded by. There's been this lingering feeling that things aren't as real as they seem. There are times when i feel this shield come over me, this weird fucking feeling, that im not real. none of this is.

Things seem dream-like, that same feeling of deja vu while on codine.

everything slows down. everything material fades out.

i swear, i just stare at my hands for the longest stretches of time wondering, where the fuck are we????

...... and my perspective of things changed. and that change is slowly taking over.

i used to give a fuck what people said, felt, thought. needed.


now, i can freely say fuck 'em. fuck 'em all. fuck her. fuck him. fuck you. fuck them.

im tired of these egominiacal sons of bitches judging people like this is some american idol shit.

fuck these dead end crews, these poser followers who've got nothing to do but be scum bags and dickheads because THATS their PERSONA.....

their FUCKING PERSONA!.....i find it amazing how we teach our kids to look up to the LEAST real mothafuckaz on this planet.

look around you. look at your surroundings. your hood. your life......

if you can tell what comes after this, then i'd say fuck it, waste all the time in the world then....

we've got one live to live. one chance to enjoy this. one chance to leave behind something bigger than you, me or anything out there. leave YOUR footprint.

ignore religion. ignore conformity. ignore restraints.

our time is now.

go live.



James said...

I know what you mean Taurean. It's all fucked up. How many people do we know personally who live that life?

Too many, that's who.

Hopefully we can chill later and vent a bit.


diamxndeyes said...

i wish i lived out by you taur. i love your mind.