Wednesday, March 26, 2008

random verse

wisen up homie / need to lessen all this stress

gotta smoke a couple ounces just to get shit off my chest

more or less / im bored as fuck / uninspired and i'm stuck

at least thats how it feels when blowin' up is based on luck

hardly here / smoked myself damn near the atmosphere

fuck it now / ill smuggle clouds / let me reign above the rest!!!

look wow! / i make horizons form above my crowds!

obviously my skies above some limits / near infinite -

amount of time before my mind finds new stars to visit

im completely oblivious to you idiots / selfish pricks / and egotistical hypocrites

continue to ignore me / i was born an underdog

lets engage in dialogue/ bask in marajuana smog

a different song to sing along / light ya blunts and fill ya bongs

blend mills lane with marvin gaye homie "lets get it on"

vivid moments of failin' / the sweetest taste is prevailin'

sailin' along my paper / paintin' pictures / you trace 'em

that throne is lookin' vacant / these dragons were made for slayin'

watch ya crown which is at stake - like salem

i drop gems over heads / forget it their brains are dead

embed it by drainin' pens / dry markers and breakin' lead

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